The Royal School of Needlework has reached its 150th anniversary. This is no mean achievement and our major events this year are all about celebrating our history. But that is only the story so far.

Now, we must look ahead. We want to build on what we have achieved to set us on our way for the next 150 years. The RSN has many opportunities but we can only achieve these if we have the funding to underpin them.

Donate to the RSN 150 Forward Campaign

The Royal School of Needlework is a registered charity so every donation we receive means a great deal to us.  We’re passionate about keeping the art of hand embroidery alive and your donations help us to do that. You can read more about our plans in the 150 Forward Campaign brochure [PDF document].

US Tax payers – please donate via our US donation page if you need a receipt suitable for your tax return, and not via this page. Thank you.

Burne Jones Image Walter Crane image A special thank you…

A copy of a Walter Crane drawing (right) will be given for gifts of £150 and over and of a Burne-Jones drawing (left) for gifts of £1,500 and over.


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