When I had stayed in the UK in 2014, I saw a framed Stumpwork piece by chance at a friend’s house. At that moment, I was very impressed with it because I thought it was the most attractive embroidery I had ever seen!

Soon afterwards, I searched the internet, found the Royal School of Needlework and I decided to start the Certificate Course. At the time, I lived in Cambridge, and it took me about 2 hours each way from there to Hampton Court, but it did not bother me at all because I liked everything about the RSN so much! The location of the School in Hampton Court Palace and the Tutors taught me so kindly.

After I finished Jacobean Crewelwork, which is the first Certificate technique, I returned to Japan. As the RSN also teaches in Japan, I was happy to be able to continue the course!

RSN Japan Tutor, Emi Nimura, is extremely professional and highly skilled, and demands a high level from the students, like the Tutors do in England. I have remained passionate about hand embroidery in Japan thanks to Emi.

I completed the RSN Certificate Course last year and I think that the most interesting technique for me is Canvaswork. In fact, it was the most difficult for me among the four techniques but I could learn how to make gradual change of pattern and shading and I got a great sense of achievement from accomplishing it.

I think one of the advantages of studying at the RSN is developing your original, own design which leads us to deeper learning.

I have just progressed on to the RSN Diploma Course and have started my Blackwork piece of a horse, next will be Stumpwork. I am looking forward to learning more techniques at the RSN.

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