I was very lucky to have the opportunity to take the RSN Certificate & Diploma courses in the wonderful environment of Hampton Court Palace.

When I started the Certificate course, I still lived in London. Soon after I started the first module of the Diploma, I had to move back to New York quite quickly. At that point, I had already become so addicted to embroidery (and the RSN), so I decided to continue the course and complete the Diploma at Hampton Court Palace.

Each time I visited London, I stayed a few weeks to learn all of the techniques required for each module, and brought my work back to New York to finish the rest on my own. It was hard, but I was very happy and satisfied.

All of the RSN Tutors were so kind to understand my situation, and helped me a lot despite my very tight schedule. Without their help, I could not have completed the Diploma.

I truly appreciate all of the RSN Tutors, staff, and classmates who have given me great support.

The RSN experience is very precious to me.  One day, I would like to come back for the Advanced Diploma.

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