I am a native resident of South Louisiana USA. I began pursuing my education with the RSN in the fall of 2016 in Williamsburg, Virginia. The first piece I did was a simple ‘Tree of Life’ for the Jacobean Crewelwork module. As I continued my Certificate Intensive Course, each year something different sparked my creativity.

For Goldwork, I found inspiration in the Russian legend of the Firebird. I worked in burgundy and amber anchor threads to create definition with the gold metals on a dark teal background.

My third year was Silk Shading of a lovely pink tulip on a Tiffany blue silk. I chose the pink variation of the tulip as it represents family love and happiness. Silk Shading has been my favorite technique that I learned with the RSN. I enjoyed blending colored threads together to achieve the perfect tones and lighting. I have since enjoyed a few other pieces on my own time using the skills I learned in that intensive.

My final technique was Canvaswork. Instead of following the traditional route with a landscape, I wanted to use a great work of art. I settled on Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss, as the artist’s use of separate motifs and textures intrigued me. I found the entire process of playing with textures, colors, beads, and thread types quite thrilling! This Intensive session was my most memorable experience with the RSN.

Special thanks to two of my Tutors: Rachel Doyle whose teaching methods in Silk Shading were invaluable, and Kate Barlow who encouraged me to achieve my full potential in Canvaswork.

You can follow me on my Instagram page: @candlemascreationsllc