I immensely enjoyed completing the RSN Certificate course. I completed the first module, Jacobean Crewelwork, at Hampton Court Palace. Hampton Court was a wonderful place to work and provided lots of inspiration for needlework within the extensive gardens. I then transferred to the Rugby venue as this was a little closer to home.

As I work full time, I completed the remaining modules by attending once a month. The students and staff were very friendly and supportive and it was always helpful to discuss ideas with the other students. I looked forward to my class as a monthly break from the stresses of everyday life.

I decided to take the Certificate course as I have always enjoyed needlework from a young age and decided I would like to take my hobby to a higher level. I find needlework great for de-stressing. The concentration required in sewing can be quite meditative.

My favourite module during the Certificate was Canvaswork, where I stitched a piece taken from a photo of Anne Hathaway’s home. My enjoyment surprised me as it was the technique that I was least interested in when I started the course. I particularly liked being able to embellish the Canvaswork with a variety of stitches and beads to create the garden.

Following the course I am carrying on doing a lot of needlework and am now trying some of my own designs.