Karen Wilson says that studying at the RSN is a life-changing experience. She has completed her RSN Certificate and Diploma in Technical Hand Embroidery, graduating this summer 2020. Here, Karen describes the invaluable benefits of her Certificate and Diploma coursework.

I have been embroidering since my youth, having been self-taught after initial guidance from my mother. After retiring as a librarian and university manager at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, I was intrigued by the opportunity to acquire formal needlework education with RSN. In summer 2013, I arrived at Hampton Court Palace and was one of five students who completed all four Certificate intensive courses in eight weeks!

I did not anticipate studying Diploma level work, but later decided to take advantage of USA satellite campuses in San Francisco, CA and Williamsburg, VA, where I finished my Diploma courses one year at a time from 2014 to 2019. This has been a highlight of my 60s.

My studies with RSN have been a life-changing experience. Not only have I acquired a world-class education in traditional embroidery skills, but I also developed a network of friends from all walks of life. I learned to look at the world differently. I see colors, shapes, and shadows more vibrantly than before, and I can envision a potential embroidery composition in almost everything I encounter in my life and travels. I also have a deeper interest in the historical aspects of embroidery techniques and the development of metal threads.

My favorite embroidery technique is Goldwork. Everyone I meet is fascinated by its intricate beauty and sparkle. I recently began to instruct others in Goldwork and create kits of my designs, which I never imagined I would do! I had hoped to become a better embroiderer in my retirement years after studying at RSN, but I found that this education has led me far beyond that goal as I share my knowledge and love of embroidery with others now.

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