When I lived in London several years ago, I had the opportunity to join a RSN Day Class which was the first time I learnt hand embroidery in a proper manner. I did not have expertise in embroidery at all before then but the RSN Tutors taught me some basic samplers step by step and I learnt that there are many embroidery techniques. Although I had enjoyed stitching, knitting and drawing as a child, I had forgotten about them once I had a full-time job. RSN Day Class experiences reminded me how happy I feel when I stitch and the RSN gave me an exciting journey for the rest of my life!

I enjoyed all four modules learnt on the RSN Certificate Course. All of them have their distinctive styles and I learned more techniques in each module in the classes at Hampton Court Palace (HCP) and at the RSN Japan in Tokyo and Nagoya.

Jacobean Crewelwork: I love the touch of crewel wools, the feeling when the stitches are made on linen twill and the traditional design with the ‘Tree of Life’. It was my first Certificate piece and I learnt a lot about the basic techniques of hand embroidery during this module. The RSN Tutors at HCP were so patient and supported me with their various ideas on how to make my work better.

Canvaswork: I loved the challenge as there is a more complex design here compared with the first module, with colorful threads and a variety of stitches. I learnt Canvaswork and Silk Shading at RSN Japan and found that the classes were very popular there too! Emi Nimura, who is the only RSN Tutor in Japan, gives huge support to each student, and my Canvaswork project was worked thanks to her guidance and encouragement.

Silk Shading: I found this technique the most challenging but beautiful technique. I enjoyed learning Long and Short Stitch which can give you such a great sense of achievement once the piece is complete. I spent a long time practicing the stitches for this technique and the found using many threads of different colors to bring out the shading of the petals and leaves quite difficult.

Goldwork: I joined the Summer Intensive Course at Hampton Court Palace to take Goldwork module and, here, there was an additional challenge of time management. It was a difficult journey but an exciting and fruitful two weeks. Goldwork was an enjoyable technique with gorgeous threads and I like the design which was inspired with Emi’s advice.

My pieces are still basic elementary ones and I want to practice these techniques more. I am ambitious to take further courses but due to the COVID-19 situation, I am trying to decide on the best time for me to restart the course. Until then, I will enjoy stitching by myself to improve my skills.