I love doing handicraft when I was a little girl. I won a sewing machine from a sewing competition when I was in high school. That’s the reason why I decided to study fashion design. It gives me such a sense of achievement when a model wear my design.

Hand embroidery is one of the embellishment techniques to make beautiful and detailed patterns on clothing. I am fascinated by haute couture. The pieces are stunning, shining and all handmade by experienced tailors. I was so impressed when I found out how they made the clothing. They take several months to make a dress. Nowadays, people buy clothes from fast fashion companies, but I think people should cherish everything we own and focus on high quality clothing.

I started my RSN Summer Intensive Certificate course at the end of June 2019. The first module was Jacobean Crewelwork, I love the way that the Tutors taught us how to design our own pattern with different hand embroidery techniques. I was so proud of myself when I finished my work. The next module was Canvaswork. My Tutor encouraged me that I had a good eye for colour shading, which meant a lot to me as this encouragement gave me much more confidence to do my work. The third module, my favourite technique, was Silk Shading. I enjoyed playing with the colours to make the flower look real! The last technique for the Certificate was Goldwork. I had to be careful not to damage the gold threads when I was stitching. Fortunately, I finished my Certificate course in two months and started my Diploma courses in November 2019.

My first module was Advanced Silk shading and I worked an animal. Although I love Silk Shading, embroidering an animal is much more difficult than a flower. It requires much more stitch detail. So, I chose my lovely cat as my subject! My Tutors were very supportive and patient to teach me, I felt comfortable with their guidance. I worked John Lennon for my Blackwork, his songs shared love and peace with us. It’s really hard to do the shading by using different thickness of the black colour thread. For my Advanced Goldwork, I did a dancing lion, which is one of the popular symbols in Chinese culture. I love the shiny gold thread on the lion’s face which makes it so lifelike. My Appliqué design came from Thom Browne’s 2014 menswear fashion show, who is my favourite New York fashion designer. I was impressed by the man with an elephant’s head wearing a suit. Although it is a strong contrast for my work, it still makes me think outside of the box. Moreover, my opinion of elephants is gentle and soft, which is why I chose the elephant man for this technique. Unfortunately, I had to fly back to my hometown because of the Covid virus. I hope to return to continue my Diploma course. All the Tutors in RSN were so talented, I am truly grateful.

I have the opportunity to be part of an exhibition with some talented artists in Taipei, Taiwan, in mid-August 2020, and I am going to exhibit three of my Silk Shading flowers. I would like to have a Studio to share my happiness of stitching with everyone!

My advice to anyone starting embroidery is, enjoy stitching, take a tea break and don’t give up!