My journey with the RSN began when the School came to Williamsburg, Virginia in 2014. My first class was a very simple Goldwork Day Class with Nicola Jarvis, a very talented and patient lady. The next year Helen Richman came to Williamsburg, another talented and very supportive Tutor. I plucked up the courage and ask Helen if she thought I could do the Certificate Course. She, to my surprise, said. “Yes!”

I have come late in life to needlework and was so surprised that I could actually do this. If it were not for the exposure that I had with these ladies I would not have completed the course.

The third year I decided to go for the Certificate Course and was gifted to have Tracy Franklin as my Tutor. Tracy Franklin is amazing! For the next three years I traveled to Durham, England, for one of the most incredible adventures of my life. Exploring Fowler’s Yard, where Tracy’s Studio is located, Durham Cathedral, and staying at a Priory, were wonderful experiences.

Along the way, I have met so many incredible people like Jenny Adin Christie and have made some wonderful friends.