I love handmade crafts, patchwork, knitting, embroidery etc. One day, about three years ago when I was reading ‘Inspirations’ magazine, the RSN‘s name popped up. I was attracted by the fabulous work produced and the historic beautiful Palace.

Then I took the RSN Certificate Summer Intensive course last June, I completed all four techniques. To be honest, there was great pressure to complete the four techniques within two months but you could totally concentrate on your work. I’m so grateful to my great Tutors: Amy Burt, Pippa Foulds, Jacqui McDonald and Jen Goodwin.

The Tutors taught me not only the techniques but more practical experience and to create my own design. If you ask me which technique I love most, I want to say that I love them all because there are different styles, techniques, but over time you will find they relate to each other. Whether you are working on one technique or several, your knowledge will come together and give you a different way of looking at your work at each stage.

Even though I cannot return to HCP this year to start the Diploma course during this difficult time. I am still looking forward to going back next beautiful July in Britain.

My Instagram : lesong616