Meet Denise Kristof from Pasadena, California

Denise started her RSN Certificate journey during the Intensive program in Williamsburg, VA, USA, in May 2017, and has since learned during the Summer Intensive program at Hampton Court Palace. Denise has completed the Certificate, is currently working through the Appliqué technique with C&D Online Tuition, and has two more modules to complete for the Diploma; she is planning to do Canvas Stitches and Creative Metal Thread.

Denise says: “I started my online study of Appliqué in November, 2020 and I’ve been taking online classes once a week since then. There are advantages to studying stitching online. Since I live in the United States, my previous study with the RSN has been limited to the ‘Intensive program’. You can tackle a more difficult or involved project online than in an Intensive because you have more time; you can stretch your course for a longer period of time.

Another advantage is that you do not have to drag your slate frame through an airport, or to and from Hampton Court Palace. You just set up your studio and stitch in your comfy clothes and fuzzy slippers! You can pull from your stash at home during the evolution of your project, allowing you more creativity. You do not have to pay for extra heavy luggage because you have to bring all your bits and bobs, and potentially forget that one irreplaceable, unique item you wanted to include.

The major disadvantage of online classes is that you are not at Hampton Court Palace! Your own workspace is cosy but, let’s face it, studying at Hampton Court Palace is unique and indescribably exquisite!

It is surprisingly easy to take online classes. I use an iPad but you can use a laptop computer or a desktop computer. You need to download the Zoom app., which is free and easy to download, and your Tutor will send you an email with a hyperlink. Clicking on that hyperlink will connect you directly to the Zoom meeting. In addition, I have downloaded WhatsApp on to my cell phone which allows me to share pictures of my work with my Tutor, almost instantaneously, allowing for discussion right away. Those photos can be enlarged to show more detail than visible with the naked eye.

I am grateful to the RSN for offering online learning, especially during this pandemic. I hope to take more classes even after I earn my Diploma – both online and at Hampton Court Palace.”