Summer Intensive Courses at Hampton Court Palace

As a Certificate & Diploma student you have the option to join the Intensive Summer courses which cover a module in two weeks. You can choose to do just one module this way alongside your individual dates or to cover four modules in one summer.  Our Summer Intensive Courses will take place from 24th June – 16th August 2019.

If you are already a C&D Student and would like to book, please click here.  If you would like further information, please email: [email protected]

Course Structure

Each module on the course is a 70 hours+ project; 40 hours of which is tuition and 30 is personal study. The intensive courses are hard work as a result, but students find it very rewarding to study amongst like-minded embroiderers in the environment of Hampton Court Palace and with access to the RSN library.

An Intensive Course follows this structure:

Monday: Tuition Monday: Tuition
Tuesday: Tuition Tuesday: Work on Own – on site
Wednesday: Tuition Wednesday: Tuition
Thursday: Work on Own – on site Thursday: Tuition/mounting and handing in
Friday: Tuition
Saturday: Tuition
Sunday: Work on Own – off site

On tuition days, classes take place from 10.00 to 16.00 at Hampton Court Palace. On non-tuition days the classroom is open to students between the same times for personal study, but there will be no tutors on site.

Equipment and Materials

All equipment, materials and threads will be available to purchase or borrow. A slate frame is only provided for the first module (Jacobean), so please bring one with you for the other three modules.

For those of you who are new to the RSN, there will be a Starter Kit for some of the modules, which will include everything that you need to get started.

A general sewing kit which should include scissors and thimbles, if you use them. A notebook, pencil, tape measure and small ruler are always useful.

If you require or normally use an additional light and magnifier please bring this with you or alternatively, these will be available with a deposit which will be returned on the return of the equipment.


Tea and coffee will be provided in the morning and at break times. We highly recommend that you take breaks and stretch your legs during the day and advise students not to work through their lunch breaks. It is possible to purchase lunch at any of the Palace restaurants and cafés or you may wish to bring your own lunch.

No food or drink is permitted in the classrooms.

Information regarding accommodation, travel and security:

We do not provide accommodation. When you register onto the course you will receive an accommodation list for the local area that you may find helpful.

For information regarding travel on public transport, please refer to the Transport for London website when planning your route.

The RSN is based at Hampton Court Palace and you will be issued with a temporary Visitor Security Pass for each day of your course. We ask that you arrive at the Palace Reception at 9.30 to be collected by a member of staff at 9.45am.

Please arrive promptly so as not to delay the rest of the group and the class start time.

Tips from Our Tutors

Our experienced and supportive tutors will encourage you to develop your skills to a very high standard. Here are some tips from our tutors for you to consider. It is important to heed the advice from the tutors as they want to ensure that you learn each of the techniques to the best of your ability.

The design is a vehicle to give you the most technical knowledge. The tutor will have source material for you to look at but feel free to bring some ideas along with you to create your own original design.

Keep on top of the homework by completing it on the day it is set.

If attending all four modules, do not allow one technique to run into another by the end of the session.

Keep it simple but do it well.

Next Steps

If you are already a registered C&D Student you can book via Bookeo here.

If you would like  more information about joining the C&D Programme, attend one of our Open Days or contact the Education Team to discuss your options: E: [email protected] T: 0203 166 6928

Terms & Conditions

Please note that the Intensive Courses at Hampton Court Palace are non-refundable.