Meet Louise Sinopidis from Victoria, Australia 

Louise completed her Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery during the Summer Intensive programmes in 2018 and 2019: Jacobean Crewelwork and Canvaswork pieces in 2018, and Silk Shading and Goldwork pieces in 2019.

Louise says: “I was ecstatic when the RSN decided to teach C&D Online and I booked straight away. It felt so long ago when I completed my final two Certificate modules during the 2019 Summer Intensive, with plans to save and return to Hampton Court in 2021. Being nervous and hesitant, I joined Zoom for my first class in October. My iPad is setup next to my trestle and I take photos which I send via WhatsApp. This makes for a smooth class where you can’t get away with anything from the Tutor who is able to enlarge the photos!

Prior to my first class, I was in touch with the Education Department to obtain the brief for both Appliqué and Tapestry Shading, to think about appropriate designs. RSN Tutor Angela Bishop reviewed my designs and confirmed what would work, which inspired me to shop for the required materials for the vintage ‘Uncle Tobys Oats’ Appliqué design. (Uncle Tobys has been processing oats since 1893, sourced from local farmers in Australia.)

Having only ever completed the Summer Intensive classes at Hampton Court, I was not used to waiting an entire week to ask questions to continue with a technique, and it took me several weeks to get into the flow. Now, however, I appreciate all the practice time I have between classes to try different ideas and I love my current pace!

I completed several classes, with a few weeks where I was taking two classes in a week, which was way too much! I have now found my balance, having a weekly class to continue my Appliqué piece whilst preparing my ‘Queen Esther’ Tapestry Shading design. Tea breaks are great during the class, as us Aussies/New Zealanders are winding down with a glass of wine!

Although I miss the beautiful Hampton Court Palace environment, the advantages of saving money in flights, accommodation and meals, whilst still being able to look after my ageing parents, has me hooked!

Not only do I receive fabulous advice for my project, but I am also able to enjoy seeing what the other class members are working on. I’ve had to educate my dad when I’m taking the class, so he doesn’t interrupt to ask me to go shopping, and Tuesday evening is now considered ‘my time’ for approximately 3.5 hours!”