Mother: ‘Inspired by Litany of Loreto’



The Tutor has long admired the beautiful Litany of Loreto embroidered panels belonging to the RSN collection. They combine energetic story telling with harmonious colour balance and elegant design. Each panel portraying various aspects of the Christian message.

Helen chose this particular panel with Mary and the child Christ as it speaks strongly to her of the safety and protection offered by a loving mother to their child. She especially likes the motion of Mary warming her child by sharing her robe.

This panel will speak to many different people in a wide range of beautiful ways. The stitches used on this design are the Or Nué technique known as Italian Couching, Bead Work, Long and Short, Stem Stitch and French Knots. The design involves repetition of skills across the piece utilising a controlled colour palette.

Your kit contains all the necessary materials but you will need an 8” hoop. It would be useful to have a pencil and paper in case you wish to take extra notes along with embroidery scissors and tissue paper to protect your work.

All the stitches covered in this class and more can be found on the RSN Stitchbank.