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It is with regret that we have been obliged to postpone our USA Summer School which was due to take place in July, 2020. This big event will be rescheduled to 2021. Additional information will be made available shortly.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) — Current Information


Important Information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We strongly recommend that you read this page carefully before booking for the USA Summer School 2020.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) — Current Information


Can I book with a US credit card? What currency will I be charged in?

Yes, you can use a US credit card but please note that all pricing is in UK Pounds Sterling (UK £). If you use a credit card to book then your card will be charged in UK£ which your card provider will translate to your local currency at their prevailing rates at the time of booking.

IMPORTANT — If using a US credit-card we very strongly recommend that you inform your bank or card provider of your intention to book with us in advance of booking to ensure a smooth international transaction.

An alternative is to use Paypal — setting up a Paypal account is quick and easy (although we would recommend setting up any new account well in advance to be ready!)

Please note: processing your booking can take a little time (30-60 seconds). In the checkout, please only press the button to place your booking ONCE to avoid issues. Thank you.


What is the refund policy?

All bookings are 100% final and are NOT refundable.


Do I need to be registered on the website to book?

Yes, you do.  There are options on the checkout page to either register (a new account) or login (to an existing account) however we strongly recommend that you register and/or login to your account PRIOR to checkout.

Registration only requires your name, email address and for you to add a password. We do not require any further information for basic registration.


When is the USA Summer School being held?

The USA Summer School is being held across two back-to-back weeks between Sunday 12th July and Sunday 26th July 2020. The sessions repeat again on the second week. You can thus choose to attend on either week. In each session there are a variety of classes to choose from to suit all tastes. For full session itineraries, please see here, and for the full class list please see here.


Where is the USA Summer school being held?

The USA Summer School is being held in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky. The full address of the venue is The Sayre School, 194 N Limestone, Lexington, KY 40507, United States.  A map can be found at the end of this page.


What classes are available?

Please see our full class list here.


What is the ‘Full’ session?

The full session runs over a week, Sunday to Saturday, repeating again on the second week. You can thus choose to attend on either week:

  • Week One is Sunday 12 to Saturday 18 July. If attending Week One you may choose either: a 3-day class (Mon-Wed) plus a 2-day (Thurs-Fri) class; or the 5-day ‘Ely Knot’ class (Mon-Fri).
  • Week Two is Sunday 19 to Saturday 25 July. If you are attending Week Two you may choose a 3-day (Mon-Wed) plus a 2-day (Thurs-Fri) class. Please note that there is no 5-Day ‘Ely Knot’ class in Week Two.


What is the ‘Short’ Session?

For those for whom a full week may be too long we will also be running new ‘short’ sessions. This shortened event runs over four days, Thursday to Sunday, repeating again on the second week. As with the full course you can thus choose to attend on either week:

Week One (Short) is Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 July. Week Two (Short) is Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 July. For either week you may select any available 2-day class (Thurs-Fri) and then one of two options for a 2-day class for the weekend (Sat-Sun).

Please note that there are only 24 places available per week on the ‘short’ event.


What is the Five-day ‘Ely Knot’ class?

If attending Week One, in place of choosing a three-day and a two-day course you may instead opt for our special five-day Goldwork: ‘Ely Knot’ class (Mon-Fri) with Helen Richman.
Please note that there is no Five-day ‘Ely Knot’ class in Week Two.


What equipment do I need to bring?

You will be provided with frames and scissors as part of your kit, but please bring your own magnifiers and other items you feel you may need.


I want to bring a friend or another family member, can I book more than one place?

Yes, you can, but please note that if you book multiple places on one booking all the places will be for the same session and classes. If you wish to attend different classes, then separate bookings MUST be made.


Where can I stay? Have you any accommodation suggestions or packages?

Whilst we cannot recommend or be responsible for any specific accommodation options we have arranged for discounted bookings at the following two hotels:

Other hotels in the area include:

  • Embassy Suites, 1801 Newtown Pike Lexington
  • Hyatt Regency 401 West High Street, Lexington
  • The Campbell House 1375 South Broadway, Lexington
  • Four Points Sheraton, 1938 Stanton Way, Lexington
  • Hilton Lexington Downtown, 369 West Vine Street
  • Holiday Inn, 1976 Justice Drive, Lexington

For more details and choices please visit here.

Please note that all accommodation is booked at your own discretion and expense and is not included as part of the event. We are not liable for any issues or costs regarding accommodation or travel.


Map Location

The RSN’s USA Summer School will be held at Sayre School in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky.

Address: Sayre School, 194 N Limestone, Lexington, KY 40507, United States