Soft Ceramics

Jasmine Fone

Jasmine Fone creates contemporary textile pieces for the interior. Drawn to pattern and colour, she uses hand painted fabrics as a canvas for her playful and innovative hand embroidery.

Jasmine’s project ‘Soft Ceramics’ juxtaposes the idea of a 3D porcelain structure by producing a series of large scale two-dimensional interior textile pieces. With a focus on historic porcelain and ceramics from the Wallace Collection and Waddesdon Manor, she abstracts elements of these decorative objects through her vibrant colour palette and distinct mark making. With each piece inspired by a different colour scheme – opulent, bright, pastel and dark – the collection demonstrates her confidence in using colour. Led by design, illustration acts as the driving force behind her embroidery practice which incorporates fluid lines with heavy embellishment.

Inspiration for Jasmine’s project has come from visits to several eclectic houses and their vast collections of ceramics and porcelain. Having always been drawn to decorative objects and their use of pattern and colour, ‘Soft Ceramics’ has enabled a further exploration into this to create a unique outcome. Other points of research include Dutch ‘Delft’ pottery, Sèvres porcelain and large floor standing antique vases.

Combining hand painting and mixed media, Jasmine uses embroidery to accentuate this in a lively and decorative manner using techniques such as Goldwork, Appliqué, Tambour Beading and Surface Stitching. Working with these traditional techniques and a combination of both second hand and newly sourced materials, her practice always incorporates aspects of both the old and new. These materials include natural denim, faux leather, raffia, embellishments and Goldwork wires and threads in order to achieve a collaged aesthetic.

“My future aspirations after Graduation are to work as a Designer Maker, developing my own ideas and work. I would be interested in taking my ‘Soft Ceramics’ project into other interior products as well as exploring and combining my work with further areas of design.

My advice to future students thinking about doing the RSN Degree is: Don’t be put off if you feel you don’t have enough embroidery experience, GO FOR IT! I came in with a small amount of embroidery knowledge but a huge interest for learning and trying new things. Over the three years you will have amazing opportunities and receive teaching to push you to be your best, so make the most of it!”


You can follow Jasmine on her Instagram page.



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