Georgie Pike

“If by changing our values and mindsets by re-visiting spiritual philosophies, can we facilitate a new relationship between humans and the earth, which enables a more sustainable future of textiles? Georgie Pike

This collection comprises of two hand embroidered vintage dresses; The Céleste Dress and The Lola Dress, and The Flora Brooch set (a series of eight embroidered brooches to bejewel accessories).

The embroidery is influenced by pattern and shape, with heavily embellished floral embossments adorning the dresses.  “By embellishing onto second hand items I am giving them a new lease of life.”  Georgie uses the idea of spirituality to tap into the importance of considerate textiles; by embroidering onto vintage clothes to extend their life. The garments are original 1960s vintage dresses which encapsulate the style of the era. The embroidery patterns on the dresses are almost psychedelic which echoes the revolutionary attitude of the 60s. The embroidery compliments the original features of the dresses, for example on the Céleste dress the gold floral motifs accentuate the original golden brocade pattern.

“My embroidery is the psychical manifestation of my spiritual journey”. ‘Enlightenment’ was influenced by Georgie’s personal spiritual practice, using a process called ‘intuitive art’. Intuitive art means ‘to create without any preconceived ideas, allowing the subconscious mind to roam freely into ones work, tapping into your spirituality’. She used intuitive art to generate large scale paintings of interesting patterns, which were reminiscent of 1960s psychedelic and retro flora fashion. Her paintings sparked the influence and research of that decade into her final collection.

The Céleste Dress and The Lola Dress are embellished with Goldwork materials and fresh water pearls. Georgie specialises in Goldwork embroidery which she uses extensively in this project. The dresses and brooches were created using various embroidery techniques such as Raised Work padding, 3D beading and Tambour Beading.


You can follow Georgie on her Instagram page.


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