This is a recording of a live online event held on Wednesday 8 December 2021 and is available to view on-demand until Spring 2022. 

Join Dr Susan Kay-Williams as she talks books with two popular RSN Tutors and authors Jen Goodwin and Heather Lewis. Jen will discuss the genesis of her book on Blackwork embroidery and how she was informed by pieces from the RSN Collection.  Blackwork has a  rich history that has developed over the years into an iconic and sophisticated style of embroidery. Heather will shed light on her book on Embroidered Boxes which traces their history from the seventeenth century to the present day and features techniques and guidance for stitchers wishing to create their own embroidered box. Alongside this, Susan will tell you about some of the other books by RSN tutors from the 1990s techniques book, known affectionately as the green book to the collection of the essential stitch books known as the pink book – we like colours!

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