Future Tutors Open Day

19th December, 2019

If you love embroidery and teaching, and would like a career in hand embroidery, our Future Tutors programme may be for you.  Come along to our Future Tutors Open Day at 11am on Saturday 1 February to find out more about the course.   In the meantime, meet Future Tutor Student, Sarah de Rousset Hall, who is now in her Third Year and hear her story.

What prompted you to join the Future Tutors course?
Prior to coming to the RSN I worked for various large corporations as a Commercial Negotiator. It was a fun job, but stressful, with long hours. I decided I would rather put that level of effort into something I was truly passionate about – and when I found out about the Future Tutors course, it was the perfect option for me.

How have you found the course so far?
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course, and now having covered (almost) all of the major techniques, I am working in the RSN’s Embroidery Studio, where I am learning a whole new aspect of work as an Embroiderer.

What do you particularly like most about the course?
The opportunity to find my own voice as an artist and designer. I had thought that this was the area I would most struggle with, but having the this time to focus fully on my work has been invaluable in developing my own style, within the traditional techniques used at the RSN.

Tell me one of your highlights?
One highlight has been working with the Degree students last summer to create a piece that was included in The Duchess of Cambridge’s Nature Garden at the Hampton Court Garden Festival. Not only was it exciting to work on a high profile project, but it was great to have the opportunity to work on such a large scale piece.

What advice would you give to someone considering the Future Tutors programme?
Be prepared for the hard work, but also the reward!


For more information on the Future Tutors programme, click here.