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ONL110 From Drawing to Design

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Sun 07/02/2021
10:00am - 16:00pm


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This is Day 4 of the RSN’s Drawing Course Day Classes. They have been planned as a series to give you the skills and knowledge you need to have confidence in your own creative ideas and turn those into an embroidery
design. This is the day which brings it all together: working from research materials you have drawn, photographed or collected, you will look at what goes in to creating a design, and think about what stitches, threads and fabrics. You will need to have done at least Drawing Basics first, or have some
equivalent experience.

On this day you will:
Consider different ways of collecting and storing ideas in different forms.
Learn some principles of composition and design: divine proportion, lines of action, scale, repetition and harmony. Practise these in some drawing.
Understand how to select and bring together mark making, tone and colour.
Consider how these operate within textiles: what properties do thread, fabric and stitch have?
Go through the design process to create a sample design from a brief provided by the tutor.

There will be plenty of time to work on a design from your own source materials, and Caroline will go round every student to discuss your work. We will start with some observational drawing practise.

• A4 Sketchbook – cartridge, soft-bound or a pad is fine.
• Graphite Pencils: H, B, 2B, 6B
• Pencil sharpener or small craft knife.
• White tack, or Blu tack, or putty rubber
• Tracing paper
• Tools for paper cutting out: scissors, or craft knife and mat, with glue
A few objects to draw. For example:
• Simple cylinders: vases, bottles, cans, cardboard rolls, mugs and cups
• Dish shapes: bowls, tea cups, plates
• Round objects: fruit, eggs, tennis ball etc
• Feathers, shells, flowers, fruit, vegetables.
• Shoes
• Tools: screwdriver, drill, plane etc
Your own drawings, photographs, and any other source materials you have collected.
• Sketchbooks from previous classes
• photos – of gardens, flowers, whatever interests you• objects -could be similar to those above

Attendees Outside the UK
This class will run from 10am to 4pm (10:00 to 16:00 hours) UK local time on the day. If you are outside of the UK please check your local time, particularly if your location changes to/from Daylight Savings Time on a different schedule to the UK during October/November and March/April. To check and convert times please visit We cannot be held responsible for incorrect time attendance. Thank you.

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