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ONL142 Introduction to Blackwork: ‘From Small Acorns’ – NEW

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Sat 06/02/2021
Sun 07/02/2021
10:00am - 16:00pm each day


*  This class is NEW to the RSN  *

Please note that this is an online class. Please click here to view important joining information about online classes.

The class takes place over 2 consecutive days:
Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 February 2021

For the Rest of the World bookings have now closed.

For UK and Europe bookings will close on Friday 29 January to allow for the kit to be posted out in time for the class.

Please note that the cost includes the necessary kit but does not include shipping, which will be added automatically at the checkout.

Blackwork first rose to popularity during the reign of Henry VIII. Whilst it had been present in England pre the Tudor dynasty, it was Catherine Of Aragon, who made it fashionable, having brought several garments with her from Spain.

Used to decorate the collars and cuffs of undershirts and chemises’, as well as Coifs, which were commonly made from evenweave fabrics such as linen. Blackwork is a counted technique and early examples were more geometric in design and usually worked in Double Running or Holbein Stitch, where the back and front of the piece look identical. Later pieces featured motifs, typically flowers, as well as animals and bugs. The motifs were filled with Seeding Stitch or geometric patterns, outlined with Holbein or Stem Stitch, and they were usually connected and surrounded by twisting vines.

This class will introduce you to counted Blackwork techniques and shading by utilising a number of different stitch densities (for the all black thread kit) and differently coloured threads (for the coloured thread kit).

Counted Blackwork is a very old and pleasing technique in which you count over the threads of the even weave base fabric to create a range of geometric patterns.

We are proud to be able to offer a choice of kit colour which means that those who struggle with seeing all black threads on white fabric for various reasons including Dyslexia will be able to learn the technique comfortably using the coloured threads.

‘From Small Acorns’ Blackwork kit in colour.
X 4 colours of cotton thread (x2 green + x2 brown).
X 1 piece of even weave Belfast linen fabric (11 x 11 inch approx).
X 1 tapestry needles (size 28).
X 1 embroidery needle (size 9).
X 1 set of instructions.

‘From Small Acorns’ Blackwork kit.
X 2 skeins of stranded cotton (black).
X 1 black machine thread.
X 1 piece even weave linen (11 x 11 inch approx).
X 1 tapestry needle (size 28).
X 1m embroidery needle (size 9).
X 1 set of instructions.

There will be plenty of opportunity during the class to ask the Tutor questions and in advance of the class all preparation information will be emailed to you along with an invitation to join the class on the day.

The class kit will be posted out to you. The kit includes all the materials you require to complete the project. It would be useful to have a pencil and paper in case you wish to take extra notes and a pair of embroidery scissors  and an 8" hoop will be needed.

Attendees Outside the UK
This class will run from 10am- 4pm (10:00 to 16:00 hours) UK local time. If you are outside of the UK please check your local time, particularly if your location changes to/from Daylight Savings Time on a different schedule to the UK during October/November and March/April. To check and convert times please visit We cannot be held responsible for incorrect time attendance. Thank you.


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