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ONL217 Drawing Basics for Beginners

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Starting Tue 10/08/2021
10:00am - 16:00pm


Please note that this is an online class, taken from home. Please click here to view important joining information about online classes.

This class will run from 10am - 4pm on Tuesday 10 & Thursday 12 August 2021

Bookings for this class will close on Monday 9 August 2021

For beginners or returners to drawing. An introduction to the most fundamental skills of drawing and seeing as an artist, explored through traditional principles. You’ll also develop your intuitive response through drawing games.

Day One
You will learn how to use graphite drawing pencils, understand and practise mark-making, and make basic shapes. You’ll then learn how to apply that to drawing what you see, how to check proportions are right, see negative shapes – the spaces between things – and how to scale things up and down. We’ll also look at simple one and two point perspective and how that translates to what you see.

We’ll practise these skills with lots of observational drawing, looking at simple objects you can find around the home.

Day Two
We’ll concentrate on developing your drawing with Tone: how light or dark something is. This is essential for making your drawings look three-dimensional.

You will explore how tone is created with line in both black on white, and in white mark-making, (useful for Blackwork and Whitework embroidery). It’s also key to planning Silk Shading embroidery. We will work with graphite, charcoal (or charcoal pencil) to explore how to create a wide range of tones, do a classic tonal modelling exercise in drawing and apply that learning to simple forms.

We will also look at the use of toned paper as a starting point, and using white in media such as coloured pencils, wax crayons or oil pastels to explore the reverse.

By the end of these two days you will:
Understand the properties of various drawing media and paper
Have begun to explore mark-making
Know how to make basic shapes
Understand measuring and relative proportion
Understand one and two-point perspective and how it affects scale
Understand how to create a tonal scale and use it
Model simple objects with tone
Apply that to observational drawing.
Work on different toned backgrounds
Work light on dark.

You will need to acquire the following:
• Graphite Pencils: H, B, 2B, 6B
• Charcoal or charcoal pencil
• Set of 12 good quality coloured pencils
• White coloured pencil or Neo-colour/Lyra wax crayon, or oil pastel, or soft pastel
• Pencil sharpener or small craft knife
• White tack, or Blu tack, or putty rubber
• A4 soft-bound sketchbook or pad
• Scissors
• Ruler

Objects to draw:
• Simple cylinders: vases, bottles, cans, cardboard rolls, mugs and cups
• Dish shapes: bowls, tea cups, plates
• Round objects: fruit, eggs, tennis ball etc
• Feathers, shells, flowers, fruit, vegetables.
• Shoes
• Tools: screwdriver, drill, plane etc

Your Zoom link will be sent a minimum of 48 hours prior to the class and will be sent to the email address you booked the class with. If you do not receive it, check your junk mail to see if it is there and if you still do not have it then please email [email protected]

Attendees Outside the UK
This class will run from 10am- 4pm (10:00 to 16:00 hours) UK local time. If you are outside of the UK please check your local time, particularly if your location changes to/from Daylight Savings Time on a different schedule to the UK during October/November and March/April. To check and convert times please visit TimeAndDate.com. We cannot be held responsible for incorrect time attendance. Thank you.



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