Here are a few top tips and suggestions to help with the planning and organising for your event.

Getting Started

Date: Choose a date that works best for you and your guests. We suggest to hold it on World Embroidery Day (Saturday 30 July), but it could be any day that weekend or when suits you.

Time:  Depending upon the size of your event, give your guests anywhere from two to four hours to create their embroidery and enjoy the gathering.

Venue: Hold your event at home, work, your favourite café, your local community centre, in your garden or online!

Food: Whether you bake cakes, make sandwiches or canapés, you could also ask guests to bring something too.  You could even give a prize to the best one!

How to Raise Funds

Here are some ideas on how to fundraise.

  • Ask your guests for a donation to attend
  • Ask guests to give a donation for any nibbles and drinks on offer. You can also encourage your guests to bring some tasty sandwiches and cakes to add to the spread.
  • You can supply materials and threads and ask guests for a donation to use them. We know that embroiderers often have a growing stash at home.  Or if you are a guest, you could bring your own stash and ask for donations to help raise funds as part of the event.
  • Put a set number of beads in a jar and ask guests to guess how many or bake a cake and guests can guess its weight. Encourage your guests to make a donation when they make their guess.  The host can supply a small prize (for example, one of our exclusive Anniversary Collection products) or they could win the item they are guessing about!
  • Have a collection tin next to your bakes to make it easy for people to add any spare change.

NB: If you plan to Gift Aid your donations, the food and drink available at your event can not be individually priced, instead guests can donate monies to help raise funds.

Information on how to donate

Be Prepared for your Event

Before you go ahead with any fundraiser, it is really important that you read this information.

It is important to follow food hygiene rules when serving food at an event.  For more information and guidance visit the Food Standards Agency

Check if any licences are required for your event. For example, selling alcohol and playing music.  For international participants, please check with your local licensing agencies.

When you’re holding an event at any venue, always double check that they have the right insurance to cover you throughout. If they don’t, you might have to get your own public liability insurance for the day.

Risk assessments
Ask your venue for a copy of their risk assessment. They might also ask you to complete a risk assessment before the event, too.  If you are holding an event at home it is always worth having a quick look around with ‘fresh eyes’ to see if you have any possible hazards for other people that you are used to living with and take suitable action.

The Royal School of Needlework cannot accept any responsibility for your event, nor for anyone who participates in it.

Remember you can always get in touch with us at [email protected]