An Immortal Bloom

Grace Ingman

Grace’s final Major Project is entitled ‘An Immortal Bloom’ and she explains:

“’An Immortal Bloom’ began with a continuation of my working of embroidery with nature and scarring. It is a project which endeavours to be an inclusive textile art collection exploring the scarring people wear on their bodies that others may never know about or understand the impact of them to the person to whom they belong.

It is not a representation of particular peoples scarring but rather a beautiful floral celebration of a collective of peoples individualities. The idea of the ‘immortal bloom’ is the flowers are taken from my grandfathers garden and live on with his love and mine through this embroidery.

In a time when there is pressure to have a certain look, size, shape, ‘perfect’ by photoshoped ‘beauty’ standards, I create this to counter that, through the wearing of someones scar on your own body and being impacted by the way it can be so beautiful.

It is a collective of works hoping to create a view that imperfections are perfection and we should strive to celebrate that.”

Grace offers a Top Tip to artists. “Work with a colour palette that entices you. It could be vibrant, clashing or monochromatic. Once confident in the colour, I generally find that the embroidery flows easily and is massively more satisfying to complete.”

Grace also gives advice to future RSN Degree students or those on other courses who use hand embroidery in their practice. “There will be techniques that come easily to you and those which are tougher to master. Don’t give up on any of them! It could be that the one you have to work the most for, is what in the future you end up falling in love with. There will be projects you love and those not so much, but being at University is so that you can experiment and try things you wouldn’t previously have done. It’s the best place to trial materials and processes! You never know what could end up looking fabulous and creating individuality in your works.”


You can follow Grace on her Instagram page.



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