RSN Stitch Bank aims to digitally conserve and preserve every stitch around the globe to become world’s largest repository of stitches.  There are currently over 400 stitches on the site.

Visit RSN Stitch Bank

RSN Stitch Bank website features videos, written instructions, illustrations and photographs for each stitch. It also includes history of its use and images of the stitch on items from the RSN Textile Collection. Stitches range from the well-known, back stitch and French knots, to the more technical, queen stitch and turkey rug.  Rarely used stitches are also featured, such as underside couching and battlement couching trellis.

Preserving Stitches for the Future

RSN Stitch Bank aims to be a ‘world directory’ of stitch.  You can help us continue to grow this unique resource by Adopting a Stitch.

RSN Sip & Stitch Week

As a registered charity, with no government funding, every donation we receive means a great deal to us. We are passionate about keeping the art of hand embroidery alive.   We run RSN Sip & Stitch Week, not only to share our love for needlework, but also to raise funds for RSN Stitch Bank.

Watch this space for more information on RSN Sip & Stitch Week 2024 which will take place from Friday 1 November – Friday 8 November 2024.