Andrew Palmer - Chairman

Pip Wood

Victoria Farrow

Nicola Clarke

Stephanie Wright

Prof. Patsy Cullen

Miranda Corti

Eleri Lynn

For correspondence with the Trustees, please send an email to [email protected]  T: +44(0)20 3166 6932

Seeking New Trustees

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As a charity the RSN is overseen by a group of trustees and we are now recruiting specific skills to replace those of RSN trustees finishing their current terms of office. In particular we are seeking qualified Legal, HR and Financial professionals and also those who can bring significant knowledge and experience of Diversity & Inclusion, IT / Digital operations, and Fundraising.

This is a voluntary role. Trustees serve a term of three years and may serve two terms. The trustees meet six times a year at Hampton Court Palace. In addition, some trustees serve on our Finance & Investment Committee which meets four times a year in central London and / or working groups as required. Trustees are currently located throughout the UK and reasonable travel expenses are paid.

All trustees play a full role in leading the RSN’s strategic direction and continued development and these positions come at an exciting time as we review the achievements of the last two years, re-establish face-to-face onsite teaching and capitalise on the global online audience attracted during lockdown.

A more detailed role specification is here. The closing date for applications is Friday 8 July. If you are interested in becoming an RSN Trustee, please feel free to contact us for more details, or apply with a copy of your CV and a covering letter explaining why you want to join us, to [email protected]

Chief Executive and Operations

Dr Susan Kay-Williams

Chief Executive

+44(0)20 3166 6936

Scott Bartlett

IT Manager

+44(0)20 3166 6967

Emily Mitchell

IT/Web Assistant


Hannah Warwick

Finance Director

+44(0)20 3166 6930

Cate Knight

Finance Assistant

+44(0)20 3166 6931

Barbara Howell

Finance Assistant

+44(0)20 3166 6952

Marketing & Media

Bryna Black

Marketing Manager

+44(0)20 3166 6945

Emma Doggart

Project Manager (Media Enquiries)

+44(0)20 3166 6943

Emily Davies

Digital Marketing Officer


Anne Butcher

Head of Embroidery Studio & Teaching

+44(0)20 3166 6940

Noleen Wyatt-Jones

Day & Evening Classes Manager

+44(0)20 3166 6938

Natalie Thew

Tours, Bespoke Classes & Partnerships Manager

+44(0)20 3166 6939

Joanna Hart

Future Tutors Course Leader

+44(0)20 3166 6948

Gemma Murray

Future Tutors Course Administrator

+44(0)20 3166 6948

Degree Programme

Angie Wyman

Course Leader - Degree Programme

+44(0)20 3166 6934

Sophia Malik

Senior Lecturer - Degree Programme

+44(0)20 3166 6925

Amy Hare

Senior Lecturer - Degree Programme

+44(0)20 3166 6925

Claire Breach

Administrator - Degree Programme

+44(0)20 3166 6929

Nina Hilton

Administrator - Degree Programme

+44(0)20 3166 6929

Emily Howse

Textile Technician

+44(0)20 3166 6925

Lisa Bilby

RSN Technical Tutor

Amy Burt

RSN Technical Tutor

Embroidery Studio

Anne Butcher

Head of Embroidery Studio & Teaching

+44(0)20 3166 6940

Gemma Murray

Embroidery Studio Project Manager

+44(0)20 3166 6940


Sarah Taylor

Retail Manager

+44(0)20 3166 6935