The RSN Certificate and Diploma in Technical Hand Embroidery course (C&D) is a high-quality leisure course which teaches students to embroider to the best of their ability. There are three main components: the Certificate, the Diploma and additional post-diploma techniques. The sequence in which the techniques are taught allows students to build their skills incrementally.

We offer Onsite classes in Bristol, Rugby, Durham, Glasgow and at Hampton Court Palace in the UK.  We also offer classes in Japan and, from time to time, in the USA and Australia. Online classes run in three time zones: UK/Europe, North and South America and Australia/New Zealand/SE Asia.

If you are interested in the RSN Certificate & Diploma in Technical Hand Embroidery, please book an Online Information Session.

I enrolled on the course because I was planning my early retirement. The course is rich, creative and inspirational and it’s just amazing what you can achieve.
Ann Howden