We are the only organisation continuing to train people in the techniques of traditional hand embroidery to the highest standard.

Many of our students go on to use these skills in community projects, such as being part of church or cathedral stitching groups (eg at St Paul’s, Southwark, Canterbury and Durham Cathedrals) or to work on commemorative projects. Those who have been taught at the Royal School of Needlework have learnt how to work to the same standard, so on any group project there will be one cohesive, overall look.

We loan pieces to exhibitions including the Royal Collection, the National Trust, museums, galleries and stately homes.

The RSN also holds a range of taster sessions at many events and exhibitions which are open to all, free exhibitions of our graduates’ work annually, gives talks to many groups across the country including The Arts Society, Embroiderers’ Guild, Women’s Institute, University of the Third Age, National Trust groups and many more.

Our Embroidery Studio is often selected to work on projects because we’re ‘the only people who could do something like this’. Our work, both new and restoration is seen by hundreds of thousands of people every year, for example:

  • Six pieces for English Heritage for Dover Castle (300,000 visitors annually)
  • The central nave altar frontal at Canterbury Cathedral (used all year-round)
  • Conservation of the Te Deum Altar Frontal for Salisbury Cathedral
  • Even where the numbers are smaller, perhaps just family and friends, the effect can be profound. As one customer wrote: “it nourishes my soul on a daily basis”, after taking receipt of his new, bespoke commission.

Get in touch with our Embroidery Studio to discuss your requirements.