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Beaded 1920s flapper dress with a bead and pearl design that resembles spider webs, RSN Collection, COL.22.

Glass Bead Embroidery in 1920s Fashion

Step into the dazzling world of the Royal School of Needlework’s archives with Belle Riou, as she unveils the enchanting story behind a 1920s flapper dress adorned with glass beads.

Discover how this iconic piece reflects the vibrant spirit of the Jazz Age, where innovation, societal shifts, and the rise of electric lighting converged to redefine fashion and nightlife. Join us as we delve into a glittering era of exuberance and self-expression, captured in every stitch of this timeless garment.

Signature Tablecloth RSN

Autographomania in Edwardian Oxford

Explore the captivating tale behind an Edwardian embroidered tablecloth in the RSN Collection with RSN volunteer Jo Morris. This signature tablecloth, with its more than 215 signatures, illustrates through stitch a network of family, friends, and celebrities in Oxford, London, and much further afield.

From an American opera singer to an Irish peer and a Breton folk singer, each signature holds a unique story, offering a glimpse into the social fabric of the time. This blog post sheds light on the cultural phenomenon of autograph hunting and the vibrant personalities who left their mark on this exceptional survival.