This pilot project has been launched to encourage more stitch in schools. It is primarily aimed at Secondary Schools, focusing on Years 7 and 8, but it could be used with older pupils too. The Royal School of Needlework will provide a kit of threads, needles, fabrics, some hoops, scissors and other equipment to enable students to ‘Stitch a Selfie’ rather than create one on their phones!

Expert Teaching from the RSN

A booklet of ideas created by our Degree students and others at the RSN will also be provided and for 50 schools, there will be the opportunity for a teacher or other adult school representative to come and learn some stitch directly from an RSN Tutor. The kit can be used as a textile/art classes project or as a lunchtime and after school club initiative.

Inspiring a New Generation of Embroiderers

The RSN is introducing this project to introduce what will be a new activity to many pupils (girls and boys) and inspiring them to become students of hand embroidery in the future.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting the fantastic comedienne and presenter, Jenny Éclair, who visited us over the summer. Jenny is a keen craftswoman and came to see us at Hampton Court Palace as part of our new project and made a wonderful Selfie of her own!


This kit will hopefully enable teachers to introduce something new to your pupils, learn something different, but also have fun. Stitch does not have to be serious and although the RSN is known for technical excellence this is not what we are looking for here. We are looking for participation and imagination in how people might portray themselves.

The project is for all members of a class, boys and girls and the booklet will also show how students who may not want to portray their face can also participate.
We encourage students to share their work with us on social media, using the project’s hashtag: #RSNSelfie

How to Apply

As a pilot project there are only 100 kits available so schools will have to bid to participate. Half of the kits will go to schools where a teacher commits to going to one of the training days and half will go to those who are geographically too far away. The project is open to secondary schools in England and Wales at this time.
If you would like your school to benefit from this programme, please send an email to [email protected] , titled ‘Embroider a Selfie project’ with the following information:
    • The name and address of the school
    • Your name and email address at school
    • Your role at the school
    • How would you envisage using the kit?
    • Why should your school have this opportunity?

The RSN will select schools based on commitment of the teacher to this project, geography linked to the training locations for half the kits, catchment area of the school with priority for schools in more disadvantaged areas.

The RSN is extremely grateful to the Worshipful Company of Girdlers for their support for this initiative.