As a registered charity we rely on the support of Trusts and individuals who believe in the importance of our work, to help us continue.  Friends and Special Supporters are people like you, who actively want to ensure the RSN can continue its vital and unique work.

Founded in 1872, the Royal School of Needlework has a unique role: to train students to technical excellence in hand embroidery. No other organisation teaches these techniques of hand embroidery to this level.

Our Graduates use their RSN-learnt skills in a wide variety of areas from stitching in our commercial Embroidery Studio and teaching on our education programme, to working freelance as embroidery tutors, in fashion, haute couture, for film and theatre, for the military, in soft furnishings, jewellery and as designer makers and some specialise in conservation and restoration of antique embroideries for museums, heritage organisations and religious buildings.


Embroider a Selfie

We have launched a schools project to encourage more students to stitch in schools called ‘Embroider a Selfie’.   We are hoping to inspire a new generation to put down their mobile phones and use stitch to create a ‘selfie’ instead!

The project is aimed at secondary schools, focusing on Years 7 and 8.  Read more here.