The Royal School of Needlework is the international centre of excellence for the art of hand embroidery.  The RSN – we are hand embroidery.

MISSION: Our mission is to preserve the heritage and lead the development of hand embroidery, enriching lives by inspiring, teaching and innovating, to provide the widest access to our knowledge and skills.

VALUES:  Tradition, Quality, Innovation

VISION:  The RSN’s vision is to be the international centre of excellence for hand embroidery education and to practise expert technical hand embroidery through conservation and commissions.  The RSN’s 150th anniversary year is a springboard to the future. By 2025, we will have underlined our position as the International centre of excellence for hand embroidery education at all levels from leisure to Degree and for practising technical hand embroidery for everything from conservation to new commissions.  There will be increased awareness of, and ability to engage with, our offer around the world!

As a registered charity we rely on the support of Trusts and individuals who believe in the importance of our work, to help us continue. Friends, Special Supporters and Volunteers are people like you, who actively want to ensure the RSN can continue its vital and unique work.

Why support the RSN?

  • The RSN is unique. We are the only organisation teaching western hand embroidery to the highest technical standard
  • Without the RSN the skills of advanced hand embroidery would be lost, meaning not only would new pieces not be able to be worked, but it would have an impact on the conservation and restoration of historic textiles.
  • Learning hand embroidery the RSN way not only helps people learn a worthwhile skill but also actively contributes to their mental health and well being through the slow and deliberate, almost meditative, process of stitching.
  • As a charity additional support is needed for all new projects. Our main projects now are to raise funds to:
    • Digitise the RSN Textile Collection of more than 4,000 items.
    • Digitise the RSN’s Archive of photographs, registers, designs, workbooks and more so people can learn more about our history and our important role in women’s education and employment.
    • Establish the RSN Stitch Bank as an online resource for every stitch in the world.
  • The RSN is not in receipt of any government funding. Everything we spend we have to earn or raise.

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