Do you have an ongoing project or want to start something new, and would like some professional guidance? Why not book an Online Lesson with one of our highly trained RSN Tutors who will be able to advise on where to start, how to progress and how to finish.

Online Embroidery Lessons for UFOs, WIPs, and New Projects

Online Lessons are a great way to get you enthused about completing your work for an ongoing project or an UnFinished Object (UFO) stashed away in your bottom drawer.

Or why not start learning a new technique or creating a new design?

Book an Online Lesson and one of our highly trained RSN Tutors can help advise you on where to start, how to progress and how to finish.


New to Embroidery?

If you have not embroidered before, now is the opportunity to try something different.

You can purchase a kit from the RSN Online Shop and, once you have received it, you can book an Online Lesson with us.

online embroidery lessons from home with the RSN

Booking your Online Lesson

Online Lessons are held with a dedicated RSN Tutor through your choice of Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or WhatsApp.  Upon booking a lesson, we will agree a date and time that suits you and match you with the most appropriate Tutor.

RSN private lessons cost £65 per hour.  We ask for a minimum of 3 hours per booking, but your tuition may be spread between days or weeks, subject to agreement with your Tutor.


If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]


What they say

“I felt nervous to stitch and actually all of the Tutor’s help was invaluable. She reinvigorated my interest in two kits that I had abandoned.

She gave me really useful hints and tips and encouraged me not to be so hide bound about my attitude to embroidery by thinking outside the box by using different stitches if I didn’t like the ones in the kit and also reminded me how good the RSN Essential Stitch Guides are.

I came away feeling the way I do when I have attended a Day Class, full of enthusiasm to finish. However when the enthusiasm wanes, the thought that I could book an online lesson for other kits makes me really happy.

What I hadn’t bargained for was how therapeutic I found this. It was lovely to have one to one attention doing something I like doing and getting professional advice.”

— Jane from Middlesex