The Duchess of Cornwall Meets Degree Students

31st January, 2018

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall, Patron of the Royal School of Needlework , visited us on 22 November for the first time since taking over the patronage from Her Majesty The Queen in January 2017.  The Duchess of Cornwall visited our base at Hampton Court Palace with The Duchess of Gloucester, President of the Royal School of Needlework.

The Duchess of Cornwall received a short tutorial in hand embroidery learning the traditional technique of Jacobean Crewelwork. RSN Tutor Jacqui McDonald said: “I taught The Duchess of Cornwall Fly Stitch which is one of the stitches used in Jacobean Crewelwork and the first technique we teach our Certificate & Diploma students. Her Royal Highness was a quick learner and would make a natural stitcher! I very much hope she returns soon for a full lesson.”

The royal visitors enjoyed a tour of our Education Department, Embroidery Studio and the current exhibition, ‘Embellishment in Fashion’. Their Royal Highnesses also met with staff, volunteers and students from our different courses, including our Degree programme.

Duchess of Cornwall visits RSN Students

Eleanor Latham, 2nd Year Student on the RSN’s Degree in Hand Embroidery in Fashion, Interiors, Textile Art met The Duchess of Cornwall“We talked about my work and the colour scheme I had chosen which matched her outfit! It was such a fantastic opportunity to meet a member of the Royal Family.”

Devvrut Patel; 2nd Year Degree Student“I explained what had influenced me to join the course and study hand embroidery. It was surreal to meet her because she is such an icon!Duchess of Cornwall visits RSN Students

Megan Foxlow, 2nd Year Degree Student: “At first I was really nervous but The Duchess of Gloucester talked so passionately about needlework and my work that she really put me at ease. I talked to her about the tassel making I had been working on and The Duchess was really interested in the techniques I had used.”

Abigail Noronha, 2nd Year Degree Student: “The Duchess of Cornwall commented on how lovely it must be to study at Hampton Court Palace and she was really interested in how we experiment with different fabrics as part of the Degree Course.”

Theresa Bailey 2nd Year Degree Student“I am from Indiana and The Duchess of Gloucester and I talked about the different embroidery shops in the states. I also met The Duchess of Cornwall and we spoke about the wonderful view from my desk of Hampton Court Palace garden. She said just like Needlework it looks calming and very impressive!”