Leaving a Lasting Legacy

22nd February, 2019

The end of winter often leads to many people having a spring clean of their house, or even thinking about the future and reviewing their Will.  It is a good thing to have a look at your Will every five years or so to make sure it is up to date and still represents your wishes.

The RSN is a charity and relies on legacy income as a vital source of funds.  They have helped us start the Degree programme, buy an object for the Archive, put on exhibitions, educate students and visitors as well as offer bursaries and prizes to students on the Degree and Future Tutor programmes.

There are three ways you can help the RSN through your Will:

You can leave a residuary gift

This is all or part of the value of your estate, once all other parts of the Will have been fulfilled.  People who have done this for the RSN have enabled us to set up endowments and fund major projects.

You can leave a pecuniary gift

This is the gift of a specific sum of money. Often this is an opportunity for people to leave a larger amount that would otherwise not be possible.  People who have helped the RSN in this way have given gifts of £1000, £5000 and even £20,000 which can make a huge difference to us and our students.  For example, helping purchase additional resources.

You can leave a specific gift

Finally there is a specific gift of an object, stash of threads, embroidery books and materials.  People who have helped the RSN in the way have left us samplers and other embroideries which have featured in exhibitions and been added to the Collection or student handling Collection. We will offer relevant gifts to our Embroidery Studio, special books to the library etc.  We also accept collections of books and materials that we are able to sell to raise funds for the RSN.

If you would like to discuss leaving a legacy to the RSN, especially if you are thinking of leaving an object, please email Dr Susan Kay-Williams.

Every legacy gift is appreciated – they make such a difference to supporting the RSN’s future.

Thank you.