RSN Embroidery Studio in the Press

1st May, 2020

The RSN Embroidery Studio regularly appears in the Press and on TV, so our Studio Embroiderers are very relaxed and confident when explaining our projects… although we can’t divulge everything, as this depends on our clients wishes, and the RSN is highly respected for our code of conduct when it comes to private commissions.

The monthly magazine ‘Period Living’ recently approached us to share with their readers the stunning work we undertake in the RSN Embroidery Studio. In this time of renewal, regeneration and sustainability there are many processes that can be used to give new life to a once beautiful piece of embroidery.

The article, which appears in the April 2020 issue, focuses on how we restored a piece of Berlin Wool Work from a Victorian Nursing Chair that had lost some of its beads and background, as well as having many broken canvas threads. Pieces in this condition are supported onto a suitable base fabric before the restoration work takes place.

The first task was to replace all of the broken canvas threads which then enabled us to replace the missing beads and stitches. We matched these as closely as possible to the original using a combination of new and reclaimed beads, and new and old threads, still in excellent condition.

The support fabric was left in place so that the upholsterer had a more stable piece to work with when putting it back onto the chair. The chair was reupholstered using traditional and new methods, depending on which was most suitable for the embroidery, fabric and chair.

A recent throwback was of course on Wednesday 29 April, on the ninth wedding anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, when we had happy memories of working the bespoke lace of the Duchess’ wedding dress, veil and shoes in 2011; the Royal School of Needlework was written and spoken about across the Media both at home and abroad!

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