Chrissie Juno Mann

Chrissie Juno Mann trained on the RSN’s Future Tutors programme and graduated with a distinction. Chrissie has an MA in Antique Restoration and Conservation in the Decorative Arts and worked in a decorative arts studio prior to joining the RSN.

In 2018, Chrissie was the winner of the Raised Work category in the international Australian embroidery competition for Inspirations Magazine in association with Beating Around the Bush with her piece ‘Flower Girl’.   In 2017, she won a design competition for The Worshipful Company of Clothworkers and St Olave’s Church, London with a church kneeler design.

Chrissie has a passion for the traditional arts and crafts that run alongside the cultural heritage of the British Isles. Taking inspiration from the natural world that surrounds her in the New Forest where she lives, Chrissie says her aim ‘is to encourage the art of hand embroidery, making it accessible to all, whilst capturing the nature and the beauty around us with thread’.


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ONL24009 Designing for Embroidery: ‘Jacobean Crewelwork’

£134.00 10 123
£134.00 10 123