If you have booked an RSN class at Hampton Court Palace, all the information you need to know before attending is listed below.

The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the classroom

PAID parking is available in the Pay and Display car parks

Photography is allowed with permission

Important information: Please note that there are security and access measures in place at Hampton Court Palace. All visitors and staff must adhere to them. This means you need to be collected by a staff member when you arrive, even if you have been here before. It is very important that you arrive promptly and also follow all instructions and timings to ensure that you can move through security in time to start your class or join your event. Thank you.

The aim of the RSN is at all times to keep employees, tutors and students safe so please read this information thoroughly before you attend any Day Classes at Hampton Court Palace

Getting to Hampton Court

Parking is available in the Pay and Display Car Parks at Hampton Court Palace itself (£1.60/hour; enter via the main gate and immediately turn left) and at Hampton Court Railway Station (£6.80/day Mon-Sat; £2/day Sundays) which is opposite the Palace across the bridge. There is also a Pay and Display Car Park (Summer: £6/day; Winter: £1.50/hour) at The Green on the A308 Hampton Court Road (opposite the Esso Garage) which is about five minutes walk from the Palace main gate, and a further car park is available in Bushy Park. Please note that we cannot guarantee you will be able to park in the main Palace car park – if this car park is full you will need to park in another car park. Please note that the overflow car park at The Green closes at 18:45.

Accessibility parking: there are 9 disabled parking bays available on site in the main Car Park. Parking on site is free for Blue Badge holders.

Motorcycles can park in the designated M/C spaces in the main HCP car park. Standard parking rates apply. Free bicycle racks are located to the left of the palace entrance (near Reception) and in the Car Park (next to the Rose Garden).

ULEZ: From 29 August 2023, Hampton Court Palace and its car parks lie within the expanded London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) boundary. However, the entrances to both the Palace main car park and also The Green car park are outside both zones and the private roads and car parks within the grounds are not subject to any charges. Technically, the exit of the Palace main car park onto Hampton Court Road emerges into the last few metres of the charging zone although drivers turning immediately left out of the car park and proceeding to the roundabout will not be seen by the enforcement camera located further north along the road (i,e. towards Kingston) and so will not be charged if driving a non-compliant vehicle and provided they do NOT re-enter the zone. Vehicles arriving or leaving to the south via Hampton Court Bridge (A309) or those arriving or leaving via (and staying ONLY on) the A308 Hampton Court Road (i.e. from the direction of M3/J1) will be outside of the zone. Any vehicles arriving from, or leaving towards, Kingston upon Thames WILL enter the ULEZ zone, as will any vehicle using any roads which lie to the north of the A308. Non-compliant vehicles travelling on the A308 between the Palace and M3/J1 should STAY on the A308 to avoid entering the zone. For more details please visit the TFL website.

If you are coming by public transport, Hampton Court railway station, with services to and from Waterloo including Surbiton, Wimbledon and Clapham Junction, is a five minute walk over Hampton Court Bridge. For busses, the numbers 111 (Heathrow), 216 (Staines) and 411 (West Molesey) all service the Palace enroute to/from Kingston Upon Thames, whilst the R68 runs between Hampton Court station and Kew via Richmond and Twickenham.

Download PDF how to find us instructions here.

On arrival at Hampton Court

Please proceed to the main Palace gate (Trophy Gate) only. This is the large gate closest to Hampton Court Bridge. Access is currently not available via other gates. When you arrive at the gate, please show your pass, if you have one, or tell the Security Guard at Trophy Gate that you are attending a Day Class with the RSN. The main Palace car park will be open although many areas of HCP will be blocked off, such as The Wilderness. You will need to wear your pass at all times so please ensure that it is visible (If your pass has expired please contact The Education Team immediately for instructions as to what you should do to replace your pass or for the team to get you a dated day pass).

Access will be via the Security Office in Tennis Court Lane. From Trophy Gate, walk towards the main Palace building and then around the left-hand (north) side of the building until you see the vehicle security barrier. The entrance to the Security Office is next to the barrier.  You may need to queue, if so there are indicators on the ground and the staff will direct you if there are changes. There is a hand sanitiser station at the security barrier, please use this before entering the Palace.

There will be a member of staff to meet you at the Security Office at 9.45am to escort you to the classroom. To minimise touching handles please keep with the member of staff and do not enter the Palace building via the Tudor Kitchen door (signposted ‘Chapel Royal Services’) but continue to walk further down Tennis Court Lane, almost to the end, and use the next opening (with no door) on the right. This entrance goes into the Chapel garden; once you have entered through the arch, go straight ahead and you will come into the garden. Exit the garden via the short passage in the far right-hand corner from where you entered and you will come out by the Chapel. Turn left and walk straight ahead until you enter Fountain Court then make your way to the far opposite corner of Fountain Court where you will enter the RSN via the Chocolate Court Stairs. Please take the stairs and make your way up to the RSN apartments on the third (top) floor. There is a lift available but access is prioritised for those with mobility issues.

On arrival at the RSN please use the hand sanitiser provided before going to your assigned classroom. Make your way directly to this classroom. There will be hand sanitiser on a table outside the room, please use this regularly including when leaving and entering the room. Choose a seat and place your coat on the back of the chair. Please keep all your equipment to hand within the space you are sitting. Please keep all bags under your table and out of the walkways.

Please bring with you a pair of embroidery scissors plus a notebook and pencil. We will supply hoops, lights and magnifiers and these will all be cleaned at the end of your class.

The Tutor will join you at 10 am, and at the start of the class will explain how the day will work in practice.

When exiting the apartments either for lunch or at the end of the day you will be directed by the tutor to the Cholmondeley Stairs, which will bring you back out into Fountain Court. In line with guidelines, we are operating a one way system so you will need to always enter via Chocolate Court Staircase and exit via Cholmondeley Stairs.

Break Time

We are currently not able to provide refreshments and the tearoom is not available. This means break time will be in your classroom. Please bring a drink for break and lunchtime as well as water for the day. It must be in a sealable container (no cans).

We would recommend sitting away from your work in order to protect it or place the hoop in the purple basket provided and pop it under your table.


Please set aside your work. You may take your break here or within the Palace gardens. Please bring a packed lunch and drink with you as there will be only one set of facilities, the Tiltyard, selling grab-and-go food, and this may not be open every day. There are likely to be lengthy queues at lunchtime and the selection of food available is limited. If you decide to visit the Tiltyard please make your way to the East Front, turn left and walk down to Governor’s Gate, turn left again, then walk straight through The Wilderness or follow the signs for the Tiltyard. You will need to wear a mask and please remember to wear your pass at all times.

Access to toilets

Over the summer our two upstairs toilets will be available, please use these alternately. If you have to queue, please do so with the appropriate social distancing. There will be hand sanitiser and wipes available in the toilet. On exiting, after using the facilities and washing and drying your hands, please use the paper towels to unlock, open and close the door. Dispose of the paper towel in the bin, which you will find immediately outside the door. All doors that can remain open will be open for the duration of the day to minimise contact, this includes classrooms, offices and library for access to the photocopier. Additional toilet facilities are available in Fountain Court.


When you leave at lunchtime or end of day please use the Cholmondeley Stairs, which forms part of our one-way system.


Most RSN staff will be working from home so please do not expect to see any on your visit, if you need to speak with or contact a member of the staffing team please email [email protected] in the first instance. This ensures we have minimum people in the apartments and allows for more students.


Your kit will be ready for you in the classroom. Any additional equipment will be available to purchase or borrow from the RSN on the day. It is useful to bring a notepad and pen, a thimble if you use one and a pair of sharp, favoured embroidery scissors.

RSN Shop

The shop is located on the ground floor next to the East Front Gate and is currently CLOSED due to Covid-19. However, for visitors attending classes (only) we do have a ‘click and collect’ pickup service option if you wish to order anything from the shop in advance and pick it up when you attend for your class. This option is available at the Online Shop checkout. Please note that five working days notice must be given to use the shop pickup service.


You may take photographs of your own work in progress, or of other students’ work with their permission. Photography of work on the walls or any RSN collection pieces is not permitted in any area of the RSN. From time to time we may wish to take photographs of your class and work in progress for publicity material to be used on-line and in print. If you would prefer not to be included in these photographs please let us know.

Cancellation Policy

Please refer to our Day Class Terms and Conditions page for our Day Class cancellation policy.


Hampton Court Palace dates back to the 14th Century. The main RSN classrooms are on the 3rd floor which can be accessed by the Chocolate Court Stairs in Fountain Court, whilst the other classroom has an additional six steps in order to access it. The palace is very old and the walk to our classrooms may have uneven surfaces, for example cobbles, worn steps, uneven steps and slopes. Please choose footwear that is comfortable and appropriate for the conditions. Some surfaces may be slippery, particularly if they are wet from rain. There is a lift available for acces from Fountain Court to the RSN apartments but access is prioritised for those with mobility issues.

Please email our Education Team if you have any specific access or other requirements so we can do our best to accommodate your needs.

Checklist BEFORE you leave the house

[  ]        HCP Pass – if you have one

[  ]        Embroidery Scissors

[  ]       Pen and paper

[  ]        Drink and snack for break time,

[  ]        Drink and Packed lunch for lunch time

[  ]        Water for the day


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