If you have booked an online RSN class, all the information you need to know before attending is listed below.

How Do You Run Classes Online?

We use Zoom to provide live video and audio calling, with screen sharing, to participants. Using Zoom, the Tutor can demonstrate techniques and also see student work-in-progress. Of course, everyone can also see each other face-to-face, chat and be involved in the class group!


How Do I Gain Access to my Online Class?

Your Zoom link will be in the confirmation e-mail you will receive after placing your order. If you cannot find your link or accidentally delete it (easily done!) please email [email protected].


What Equipment Do I Need to Have?

You will need either:

  • a Windows 10 or Mac desktop or laptop computer with a suitable webcam, microphone and speaker(s) (or headphones) ; or
  • a modern Apple or Android smartphone or tablet (e.g. iPad) with built-in camera and microphone.

Please make sure your device’s operating system, applications and security software (for computers) is fully up-to-date

For smartphones and iPads you will need to install the Zoom cloud meetings app from your device’s App store. You may also wish to source a stand or tripod so that you do not have to hold your device for the duration of the class.

For computers, the Zoom client for meetings app will be automatically downloaded and installed when you connect to your class. Please make sure you leave time to do this, or do this further in advance to test. You may also do this yourself in advance from https://zoom.us/download.

It is strongly recommended that you test your equipment prior to joining your class. If you already use your device to place video calls with other people, you should be good to go!  You can make a test call by visiting https://zoom.us/test.

You do NOT need to sign up for a Zoom account in order to join your class call.

Two devices could be potentially be useful if you have them — for example, one to act as your primary video device to ‘talk’ with your Tutor and class, and one positioned to show your work —  but this is not expected or essential.

If you are unsure or require assistance, please contact us on [email protected]


Ground Rules:

Rule number one, we are here for an enjoyable day!

Second, this is a bit new for all of us, so please excuse any technical issues. In return, if you fall off the connection, just re-join as quickly as you are able.

Please stay muted during demonstrations. If you have a question during the demo, please use the text chat or the ‘raise hand’ feature in Zoom.

Outside of demos, you can use your microphone (or text chat) to ask any questions, and to discuss things with the class Tutor and your fellow students. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions, or be worried if you think you’ve made a mistake… we are here to help!



If a class kit is included in the cost then it will be sent out to you but please refer to the class description for confirmation of whether a kit is included.

If included, the class kit will be sent to you in advance and contains material, threads, instructions, and needles. Please note that you will need a hoop – please refer to the class description for the required hoop size.

It is useful to also have a notepad and pen, a thimble if you use one, and a pair of sharp embroidery scissors.


RSN Shop

The RSN Shop is available for all your embroidery supplies and needs and can be accessed online. If you need additional items, such as scissors, for your class please order in plenty of time to allow delivery.


Timing and Breaks

Our Online Day Classes vary in length so please refer back to your order confirmation to confirm the time of your class. Your Zoom invitation will confirm what time to login. If the class is a full day there will be a 15 minute break in the morning followed by an hour for lunch. For classes of a shorter duration any breaks will be at the discretion of the Tutor and will be agreed at the start of the class.



You may take photographs of your own work in progress, or of other students’ work with their permission. From time to time we may wish to take photographs of your class and work in progress for publicity material to be used on-line and in print. If you would prefer not to be included in these photographs please let us know.



No recording of the Online Day Class is permitted.


Cancellation Policy

Please refer to our Day Class Terms and Conditions page for our Online Day Class cancellation policy.


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