The Certificate consists of four modules, three of which are mandatory.  They are completed in the following order. All modules are a minimum of eight days/40 hours unless otherwise stated.

Jacobean Crewelwork

Everyone begins with this module which is worked in crewel wool on linen using a variety of surface stitches.  The design is a traditional one based on the tree of life.  It introduces elements of design, stitch selection, colour choice and shading and accuracy.

Blackwork or Canvas Stitches

There is a choice of one of these counted thread options.   Blackwork is a monochrome technique.  In its modern form, as taught by the RSN, it uses manipulation of traditional counted patterns and a variety of thread weights to create a complete tonal range.  Canvas stitches, another counted technique focuses on colour, texture and scale.

Silk Shading

Choose from a flower, fruit, or vegetable.  This technique, which is also known as “painting with a needle” is worked with Long and Short Stitch.   The emphasis is on understanding and replicating colour, light and shade and stitch direction to create a realistic image.


This is a traditional technique. The emphasis is on precision in using a variety of goldwork threads.   This module also introduces padding.