Canvaswork was used in a basic form on medieval vestments and furnishings, but it is really during the second half of the 16th century that canvaswork in its current form became a part of everyday life.

Canvas Shading is used to blend colours in a design to create a realistic effect.  Canvas Stitches uses a range of stitches and threads (including metal threads) to create depth and movement.  Both are worked on an open weave canvas, usually 18 point.  Sometimes incorrectly referred to as tapestry, and also known as needlepoint, the use of wool on canvas was traditionally used for seat covers and rugs.

Canvas work produced at the rsn by canvas work course student

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Self-Paced Video Online Course

‘Introduction to Canvaswork’ is suitable for all levels.  Discover a wide range of Canvaswork techniques and create this vibrant toucan design. In this course, you will learn a variety of stitches including Tent Stitch, Parisian Stitch, Hungarian Grounding and more.