Stitchsmith Prize for Design Competition, 2019


In January 2020, 2nd year Degree student, Sabina Lima, was awarded second prize in the ‘Stitchsmith Prize for Design’, which saw almost 300 entries from 23 UK universities.

Stitchsmith London has launched the very first fully customisable hard cased clutch. The customer easily removes the metal outer frames on each side of the bag and switches the fabric cover. They can do this as many times as they choose. This patented method of covering the bag makes the Stitchsmith clutch unique in the marketplace and, as the customer now only needs one clutch for all outfits, the bag responds to a growing industry desire for sustainability.

With unlimited opportunities to customise, the company wants to inspire customers with stunning covers and feature the designs of up-and-coming designers. For the competition, Stitchsmith London asked applicants to create a textile design suitable for a clutch bag and the top three winning designs will be produced in to a clutch bag cover.

Sabina named her design ‘Concrete Jungle’: “Inspiration came from aerial views of big cities with a high density of buildings. It’s about time to start planting forests.”

3rd year students, Breeshey Williams and Hisae Abe, found success in the competition. Breeshey was Shortlisted for her floral design and Hisae Abe received a Special Mention



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