Anfaal joined the RSN Degree Course in 2020.  He is inspired by Alexandra McQueen, Ralph & Russo, Chanel and Moschino, and when he graduates hopes to work in the couture industry.

“After deciding to go back into higher education, I researched many courses around fashion. When I came across the RSN Degree Course, I realised that this course was ideal for me as it had the perfect content to develop my future career.  I realised how diverse this course is and to be able to gain knowledge of the art of needlework was something that I most definitely needed for my future plans.

I have been working on a fabric donated by Alexandra McQueen for my Flora project. This was a very exciting project for me as I was inspired to use real human hair for it!  I also wanted to include a quotation from ‘The Merchant of Venice’ as I felt that with the events during 2020, regarding ‘Black Lives Matter’, that it was very fitting. The message I wanted to send across was equality as a whole.

I completed the sleeve and bodice with seed bead embroidery, real human hair to create a rose, with stems flowing in all direction. I had platted the hair with a sliver chain around the bodice neck and front centre.  I also created small rosettes as buttons and used Scottish kilt pins with sliver hoops beaded with cut glass, mother of pearl buttons and large pearls.

On the course we were pushed to test new techniques for illustrating our drawings.  I found working with my left hand was a lot easier, and I can now sew and draw using my left hand.

Part of my embroidery has been influenced by Ralph and Russo, Chanel and Moschino. I love the boldness in technique from Moschino and the elegance from Chanel and how lavish and extravagant the designs are from Ralph and Russo.

After graduation I see myself working for a designer house for a few years and then to hopefully start up a small business within the couture industry. I hope to have perfected a unique coating that I am working on for my signature material.

To all students considering the RSN Degree Course, I would strongly suggest applying and have full belief in yourself.  I had no experience in hand embroidery when I joined, and the Tutors were all very supportive and helpful. The course is unique worldwide and being able to gain a qualification, on a course that only has around 20 graduates a year, is truly special.”

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