Durga Shanthakumar is currently in her third year on the RSN’s BA (Hons) Hand Embroidery.

“As I am Sri Lankan, I have seen a lot of embroidery used in the clothes I wear for special occasions, so I have always been intrigued by embroidery.

I chose the RSN’s Degree Course, because it is the only course that teaches traditional hand embroidery and studying at Hampton Court Palace is a plus point!  I love all the techniques I have learned at the RSN, and I particularly love combining and mixing different techniques and materials.

The theme for my Third Year Final Major Project is festivals and holidays that I celebrate, for example, Diwali and Christmas.  I was mainly looking at holidays with a variety of colour like Holi (festival of colour) as colour is a focus in my work. I chose this theme as I want to spread happiness and joy within my work, particularly due to being very restrictive last year because of Covid-19 when friends and families couldn’t meet to celebrate holidays or even birthdays together.  My project involves making 3D shapes and finding a way to apply embroidery to these shapes, using techniques like Tambour Beading, Goldwork and Raised Work.

My favourite moment so far at the RSN is being a finalist for the Hand & Lock 2020 Prize for Embroidery.  To be short-listed, even though I was only a third year student, was a very prestigious moment for me.”

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