Reena has joined the RSN as a Trustee, which is a voluntary role.  A number of Trustees form a Council which has responsibility for the overall direction and financial management of the RSN.

“As a serial RSN Day Class student, I jumped at the opportunity to apply the skills I have learnt in the financial sector to an organisation that shares my passion for embroidery and craft.  After 18 years in banking I appreciate the importance of balance, and want to dedicate a proportion of my working life to public service.

My key roles as a Trustee are to ensure that the RSN is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit as well as complying with the law. As a group we ensure that the organisation has a clear strategy and that its work is in line with its vision.  We ensure that all decisions are made with the best interests of the beneficiaries in mind.  The part of the role I enjoy most is supporting the executive team and having the opportunity to help shape the work of the organisation.

At every board meeting, I’m always reminded of how much the RSN does – we offer a Degree Course, train Future Tutors, offer Day Classes, have an active shop, maintain an Archive & Collection and have an expert Embroidery Studio – for a relatively small organisation, the impact is incredible.

I’ve been enjoying helping with the diversity and inclusion strategy and I would love to see this fully implemented during my tenure as a trustee.  Research shows that the business case for diversity is now overwhelming with increased profitability and creativity, stronger governance and better problem solving abilities.  I am so proud of what the team at the RSN already achieve  – I can’t wait to see what will happen with more diversity.

I feel honoured to be able to work with such a talented group of people – both my fellow trustees and also the hugely dedicated executive team.  I’m also excited to be able to shape an institution that I care a lot about.  Finally, I love to see the students work – I’m always blown away by their creativity.”



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