Meet RSN Future Tutor Kathryn Sanders

22nd January, 2020

Kathryn Sanders is a Mechanical Engineer and Second Year Future Tutor Student who, before coming to the RSN, worked with designers building wind farms – so quite different from what she’s doing now!

“After taking a few Day Classes I realised I absolutely loved hand embroidery and I wanted to learn more and more.  I started the Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery at RSN Scotland because I wanted to do something more artistic, but quickly realised I wanted to learn so many more techniques!  The Tutor there suggested I take a look at the Future Tutors Programme and the rest is history.

First year was an incredibly busy time, and the first term of the second year has been equally hectic! However, there is a huge sense of achievement every time I hand something in and I am incredibly pleased with the work I have  produced.  Had I seen photographs of other work before-hand, I’m sure I would have looked at them and thought ‘Oh I would never manage that!’ but I’m really impressed at the level of tuition  and the encouragement from Tutors to push you and to try new things.

I love the course and one of the things I really appreciate is the team atmosphere in class.  You really are forging friendships and relationships which is a lovely feeling.  We all learn from, and help, each other along the way.”

If you would like to find out more about the Future Tutors Programme, then visit us at our next Open Day on Saturday 1 February 2020.  Please email [email protected] to book.