New Embroidery Exhibition

28th June, 2019

Our next exhibition Faces & Figures in Stitch, opens on 24 September at Hampton Court Palace.  This new exhibition will showcase over 100 pieces of work from our students, featuring a posse of people from Greek Goddesses and figures in history to friends and familiar faces of today, all stitched in a range of hand embroidery techniques.

It will demonstrate the varied ways people have been depicted in embroidery, from stylised stick-figures on early samplers to detailed pieces of tapestry shading. Visitors will see a range of different hand embroidery techniques, but perhaps the most surprising, will be Blackwork. This technique is often known for patterns and infills however you will see how it can be used to create vibrant and powerful stitched portraits in black and white. The exhibition will feature pieces from the 18th to the 21st centuries.

The unique display takes place in our Embroidery Studios and is only open on set days, so please visit our website for dates.  If you would like to come as part of a Group Tour or have any other questions, please contact our Tours Administrator on + 44 (0)20 3166 6929 (Tuesday to Thursday) or email: [email protected]