Poetry in Motion

12th June, 2019

Our Embroidery Studio recently completed restoration work on a beautiful sampler from 1834.  The sampler contains a sweet poem about being blessed with God’s love during childhood and centres around an embroidered depiction of St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

The first step for our expert team was to surface clean the front and back using a specialist low suction conservation vacuum.  This lifts any dust or dirt that may have been resting on the top and prevents any further damage.  Our Studio then supported the sampler onto a linen fabric in a sympathetic shade and repaired any holes and splits.  On completion of the repair work, the piece was mounted onto acid free conservation board ready for framing.

If you have an item of furniture, sampler or clothing that needs restoration or conservation, please contact our Embroidery Studio for a quote.  Email: [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 3166 6940.  All work is carried out and completed in our Studios at Hampton Court Palace.


First image shows restoration work completed.

Second image shows the sampler before the restoration.