Stitch Bank Appeal

1st September, 2019

Play a part in the story of stitch…

For some time, the RSN has been working on what will become the RSN Stitch Bank. This will be a digital database of all the stitches in the world, in one place. It will include a picture of the stitch, a video of how to create the stitch, illustrations of the steps of the stitch, a little about the stitch’s history and examples of pieces in which the stitch has been used, ultimately across time periods and locations. The purpose of the RSN Stitch Bank is to conserve these stitches which are even more at risk than wildlife or nature.

We have made a great start with preparing the database and now we need to populate it with stitches. Each stitch takes between a day and a day and a half to prepare and now we need to fund this work. Two charitable trusts have come forward with £27,000 between them towards this work but the next phase will cost a total of £76,800. Will you help us to raise the remaining £49,200?

We hope to launch the RSN Stitch Bank in July 2020 but can only do so if we have the funds and in enough time to prepare all the work.

You can read more about the RSN Stitch Bank below and you can help us by making a donation here 

If you kindly donate at least £135 your name will be added to one of the stitches in recognition of your support for the future of stitch and the RSN Stitch Bank

Thank you.