Lizzy Pye

Lizzy Pye is an RSN Tutor based in her studio in East Hampshire. Lizzy teaches RSN Day Classes as well as Certificate & Diploma in both the UK and the United States.

She has been teaching for the RSN since graduating from the Apprenticeship with a Distinction and has been one of the primary teachers teaching Day Classes in Glasgow at RSN Scotland. She is the author of the RSN Essential Stitch Guide – Whitework and she now has plans for further books including a book on Goldwork to be published next year.

Lizzy designs and produces a line of embroidery kits under her brand; available through the RSN Shop. Her work draws on her training in art and design combined with her skills in creating clothing and accessories. She can never decide on a favourite embroidery technique so continues to experiment with all of them!

Lizzy is passionate about passing on her embroidery skills, and her classes always have a happy and relaxed environment. She has worked on embroidery designs with the Royal Opera House and was privileged to be involved in the creation of Kate Middleton’s wedding gown.