Sara Jane Dennis

After a career in nursing and the Forces, Sara-Jane gained a Degree in Art History and Museum Studies from Lancaster University. She graduated from the RSN Future Tutors programme in 2017 with the Outstanding Achievement Award.

Sara-Jane has worked on several high-profile RSN commissions: a Nicholas Oakwell Couture evening gown for the GREAT Britain Campaign, ‘Magna Carta (An Embroidery)’ designed by artist Cornelia Parker for the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, the Game of Thrones ‘Hardhome Embroidery’ and Burberry’s ‘Maker’s House’, in partnership with The New Craftsmen.

Sara-Jane teaches Day Classes, the RSN’s Certificate & Diploma Course (including the C&D Summer Intensives) and for the RSN’s Degree in Hand Embroidery.   In addition, Sara-Jane has taught at the Victoria & Albert Museum, the British Library and the Royal Free Hospital. She is currently volunteering for Combat Stress and SSAFA. Sara-Jane also leads holiday tour groups to Asia and is the textile expert on the BBC1 Repair Shop.

Having led a peripatetic life, she has collected many experiences and influences on her travels. Now settled in Lancaster, Sara-Jane is bringing her teaching skills to the city and will be teaching a series of RSN Embroidery Classes at The Storey in April 2020.


Start Date Name Details Location Price Availability

HCP120 Silk Shaded Viola

£111.00 (*Price includes the cost of £25.00 for the required kit) 11 123
£111.00 (*Price includes the cost of £25.00 for the required kit) 11 123